About Me

l am a Freelance Character Designer, Character Animator and 2D Animator. I've been drawing since the day l could hold a pencil. l was into traditional art at the start and began using painted and watercolor techniques. Later on, l discovered my love for Animation and Character design. l combines the traditional knowledge with all of my artworks and character designs.

l have worked for over a year as a character designer, and character animator in a cartoons film project for ''TRT ÇOCUK'' Turkish cartoons film channel and 2 years as a storyboard artist and Animator at an Animation and film studio. l did children book illustrations for iPad Application for a software company. My children books are still available on iPads and iPhones to download.

I also worked as a freelancer for various other projects doing, character design, game art, game design, animation, logo design and corporate identity. My works are mainly focused on character design, animation, illustration and various elements of game art.
Eda Kaymaz